How it started

So how did it start?

I was talking to Prodigi on the Hashtalk forum as he is looking for some products, i suggested a dress shirt. Natural for me as its one of my passions, besides doing not so cool, but pays the bills Macy’s type production (i don’t do Macy’s, but similar) i also do small run and custom products mostly dress shirts. Hashgear seemed to be not so interested in dress shirts but are in other products, which ill leave them to comment on once ready.

I have at my office premises a studio, which basically is a nice big sample room, where i can handle small orders and custom made orders. Anyway long story short i developed below shirt.



After which i posted below tweet. Which got retweeted by Josh.


Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.52.18 am


Well that caused several private msg’s and requests. So in fashion with Paycoin passion, I decided to make a shirt every two weeks or so, which then will be very limited run custom made for whomever wants one.

The Hashtalk thread i am going to use is thanks for @Gava for starting it.



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